Jio Cinema Sets New Milestone with Record 20.6 Crore Views During IND vs. AUS Live Streaming

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Breakes previous record of Hotstar by 1.6 crores.

Jio Cinema, the OTT platform of Reliance Jio, has made history by achieving a staggering 20.6 crore views for the live stream of the India vs. Australia T20I match on September 27, 2023. This is the highest number of views ever seen for a live cricket match on an OTT platform in India, and it shows the dominance of Jio Cinema in the sports streaming market.

The previous record was held by Disney+ Hotstar, which had over 19 crore views for the India vs. Pakistan T20 World Cup match in October 2022. However, Jio Cinema has broken this record by a huge margin of 1.6 crore views, demonstrating its popularity and reach among cricket fans.

This achievement by Jio Cinema is very significant, as it comes just before the ICC World Cup 2023, which will be held in India in October and November of this year. It shows that Jio Cinema is a major player in the sports streaming industry, and it also creates a new challenge for the broadcast rights of cricket matches in India, which are currently contested between Star Sports Network and the Reliance Network, which owns Jio Cinema.

How Jio Cinema Did It

Jio Cinema’s success in live streaming the IND vs. AUS T20I match was not a coincidence. It was the result of several factors that gave it an edge over its competitors:

  1. Free Access for All Users: Jio Cinema offered free access to the live stream of the match for all users, regardless of their subscription status. This strategy increased the number of viewers and also appealed to cricket lovers from different backgrounds and regions, making it more inclusive and diverse.
  2. Easily Accessible Jio Cinema App: The accessibility of Jio Cinema’s app and website was another factor that boosted its viewership. Jio Cinema’s app and website were easy to use and navigate, allowing fans to watch the live action with just a few taps. This smooth experience ensured that viewers did not face any difficulties or delays in accessing the live stream.
  3. Strong Jio Network: The most important factor behind Jio Cinema’s success during this live stream was the strength of its network infrastructure. Jio had a wide and fast network coverage across the country, ensuring that users had minimal interruptions and high-quality streaming. This reliability made more viewers choose Jio Cinema as their preferred platform for live cricket streaming.

What It Means for the Future

Jio Cinema’s record-breaking viewership for the IND vs. AUS T20I match has huge implications for the Indian streaming industry and the overall sports broadcasting scenario. It indicates that more and more audiences are opting for OTT platforms for live sports content, moving away from traditional TV.

The record-breaking viewership also shows that digital platforms are becoming more important in the sports entertainment sector. As Jio Cinema sets a new benchmark for OTT platforms, it forces other players to improve and innovate their services to stay relevant in a changing landscape.

Moreover, this achievement adds more fuel to the existing rivalry between Star Sports Network and the Reliance Network. The fight for exclusive broadcast rights of cricket matches in India has been a hot issue in recent years, and Jio Cinema’s latest achievement only makes Reliance a stronger competitor in the race for sports content dominance.

With the ICC World Cup 2023 coming up soon, the stakes are higher than ever for both traditional broadcasters and digital platforms. The competition for broadcasting rights, the quality of coverage, and the user experience will all be key factors that will shape the future of sports broadcasting in India.


In conclusion, Jio Cinema’s record-breaking viewership during the India vs. Australia T20I match is a landmark moment in the history of sports streaming in India. It not only demonstrates the platform’s ability to captivate audiences but also highlights the shifting dynamics of how sports content is consumed in the digital age. As we eagerly await the ICC World Cup 2023, the battle for supremacy in the world of sports broadcasting promises to be an enthralling spectacle, with Jio Cinema firmly establishing itself as a formidable player in the game.

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